BLOG #4 - CASIO DW-5600

BLOG #4 - CASIO DW-5600

All inclusive for around 100$!

CASIO DW-5600x series

BLOG 4 CASIO DW-5600 case Logo
BLOG 4 CASIO DW-5600 case Logo

Welcome to my second blog entry. My name is Andrea alias the_sicilian_watchguy and in this article I would like to describe a small problem and solution that every watch collector will face sooner or later.

Following situation:
We recently treated ourselves to a nice timepiece and maybe even stretched the budget a bit to satisfy our obsession with watches and we're absolutely delighted! The joy lasts maybe two to three weeks and then this feeling comes up again as if something is missing. The honeymoon phase for the new watch is almost over and we are thirsting for something new! But this time, several hundred dollars are not in it for an iconic timepiece, otherwise the better half is threatened with divorce and a solution must be found! Cheap tributes are not satisfying for you and are out of the question!

Why this watch?

BLOG 4 CASIO DW-5600 case back
BLOG 4 CASIO DW-5600 case back
How about an original design, long company history, world time function, 200 meters waterproof, shock and dust resistant, stopwatch accurate to 1/100, alarm clock, light function for reading in the dark, countdown timer, day-date function, under 60 grams on the wrist and optionally even solar powered?
And here it is - for under a hundred dollars!!!
No, I didn't pair a Rolex Submariner with a Timex Ironman in my basement and create a Frankenstein de Luxe timepiece. The solution is: Casio G-Shock DW5600!

The Allrounder

BLOG 4 CASIO DW-5600 pusher
BLOG 4 CASIO DW-5600 pusher
No, I didn't pair a Rolex Submariner with a Timex Ironman in my basement and create a Frankenstein de Luxe timepiece. The solution is: Casio G-Shock DW5600!
Gone are the days when G-Shocks seemed too big and out of place and only complimented sporty outfits.
This series is pretty slim at 48.90mm x 42.80mm x 13.40mm, extremely light at 53 grams and goes with every outfit in everyday life. Whether it's jeans with a shirt or chinos with a shirt and sneakers, lumberjack shirt and dessert boots and god knows what people dress up these days - except for a festive occasion, of course, unless you're a Navy Seal and expect an operational order at any time. Then you can wear a suit and tie.
With this in mind, I wish you a lot of fun hunting and slaying your new G-Shock, because there are color combinations like sand on the sea and there will certainly be something for everyone!
Your the_sicilian_watchguy



BrandCasio ModelDW-5600 Referencediverse MovementQuartz Price100 $


ColorBlack Dial colorBlack Case materialPlastic Strap materialRubber ClaspFolding clasp


Diameter43 mm Thickness13 mm Clasp attachment16 mm Lug attachment10mm

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BLOG #4 - CASIO DW-5600


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