BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm

BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm

Wow, that's a mouthful! My thoughts on this cool beater watch from Germany

Steinhart Ocean One Vintage Military 42mm!

BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm dial
BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm dial

Let's keep it short and call it the Steinhart OVM 42. This watch may raise some eyebrows due to its resemblance to the Rolex MilSub which was issued to the Brits in the late 1950's. Well let's face it , it's a Hommage or an almost one on one copy of the most sawed off Rolex out in the wild. But let me give Steinhart some credit here for making a really good "Value for Money" timepiece. I own this watch for quite some time now and let me tell ya it never disappointed me in any kind of way.


The Specs

BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm hands
BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm hands

The 42 mm case feels not to big or to small on my average Joe wrist. The 190 gramms are quite heavy on a spec sheet but on the wrist they feel naturally comfy and not like you're dragging a dead body around with your left arm. The case and the 22mm bracelet are made of 316 L stainless steel. The links are all screwed and solid and so are the end links, no cost cutting is seen here from Steinhart. The sapphire crystal is coate

coated from both sides and has a sweet blue sheen to it. The indices are in the classic old radium style and the lume is more than good. Well if you are the kind of person who reads his newspaper at night with only the luminous power of your watch than you better look for other alternatives or just switch on the damn light like every normal human being does when the sun is gone. In case you need to dive 300 meters deep into the ocean or maybe you're just desk diving like 90% of the people out there Steinhart has you covered here as well.


The Movement

BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm case back
BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm case back

The beating heart inside the OVM 42 is a Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 Elaborè which does a great job and it's know for his robustness and reliability. The only thing that drags my happiness down south is that Steinhart really could have given this fantastic watch a Ceramic bezel instead of an Aluminum one. But none the less the bezel does a fantastic job with it's crispy 120 mono directional clicks. The crown has an satisfying pop to it when you unscrew it to the first position, which allows you to hack and Handwind the movement. There is a ghost date position, since the watch is dateless and there is no need to set the date! Who cares what day it is anyway, abandon the day/date snobbery when wearing this watch!



Final thoughts

BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm
BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm

So, I'm quite impressed with the quality you get for under 400 bucks and God knows I've seen far worst for double the amount of money spend! If there's still lingering a slightly bitter taste in your mouth because of an Hommage watch on your wrist then let me tell you there's no need to go crazy over that! An original late 1950's MilSub is kind of an unicorn , if you find one for sale (which I highly doubt) than prepare to tell your significant other how the hell you managed to spend a 150.000 to a whooping 300.000 bucks for a watch! Good luck with that one brother!




BrandSteinhart ModelOcean One ReferenceVintage 42 mm MovementAutomatic Price420 €


ColorYellow Dial colorBlack Case materialStainless steel Strap materialStainless steel ClaspFolding clasp


Diameter42 mm Thickness13 mm Clasp attachment20 mm Lug attachment22 mm

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BLOG #2 - STEINHART Ocean One Vintage 42mm


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